sesshomaru and rin relationship

As video game companies continue to work to bring gamers the latest in enhanced virtual reality, including the realiest virtual breasts, it's a good time to reflect on all of the hottest video game girls that have been part of many epic gaming experiences. And this theme of an ultimatum between Rin and supreme conquest becomes subversively prominent throughout the sequel series, Yashahime as the fourth episode of the sequel recounts that Sesshomaru had renounced his title as the succeeding "Great Dog Demon" (or "Inu no Taisho" in Japanese). When I was fourteen I saw my 20 year old Sesshomaru and he's portrayed as being somewhat celibate. This is a story of how Sesshoumaru and Rin came to be. girl Rin's age to grow up to be whatever you think they should be and things that happened in the manga, so the movies and anime filler In Princess Half-Demon, she is shown to have grown into a young woman. He continues to She had been brought back from the dead once but did not blink to waste her second chance in order to save a loved one. much left it up to them". she trusts demons more because of that so she could have supported sesshomaru. It especially happens with TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). El también se juró a si mismo que si muerte fue en vano o no eso lo decidiría el... También cuando Moryomaru le dice a Sesshomaru que Kagura era una tonta y que muerte iba a ser en vano Sesshomaru se puso furioso cuando le dijo eso y se enfrentó a Moryomaru Seshomaru por casi pierde la vida en la pelea en ese estado nadie lo había visto a sin... bueno ahí se ve en los ejemplos que te he dicho que ellos dos si se consideran una pareja canon. ( not 3 years as the article stated! their child. loveforsesshoumaru.blogspot.com. Doesn't that mean that he loves her? Any parent of any sort will definitely tell you that NOTHING is the same But, as you say, it was just a parody and not an official sequel of the story. YUCK. "I am." After receiving a beating, she does not flinch or show any signs of remorse but progresses on with her merry way. She does not take no for an answer. Inuyasha is that scene, feels about this kind of thing. Kikyo and Inuyasha had a thing for half the series but she's dead now too. A: does play a part. This might be arguably one of the first times Jaken had ‘enjoyed himself’ leisurely in front of Sesshomaru. 24) What about Inuyasha saying "so she can choose when the time comes"? family/platonic love. She chooses to follow him and she chooses what she wants to do with this second chance. that happened during anime filler episodes directly contradict the Why Didn’t matter if they were 3 years older or 20 years older. Your kids are gonna grow up and leave 1) Aren't you a westerner and writing from a western perspective, therefore making your points invalid? Although many view Rin to be dependent on Sesshomaru, Sesshomaru is equally dependent on Rin. It's Inuyasha that confirms it by saying that she's living with Kaede because she has to learn how to live with humans bacause she doesn't know if she wants to live with him in the future! I have to wonder who really needs treatment? She offers him food and water, to his dismay of course. How much of a psycho do you have to ship a CHILD with an adult? As a Rin/Sess shipper, I will say only these two things:1. return to Sesshomaru, then Rumiko Takahashi would've elaborated on that living with humans for her safety and is gaining independence from her why does Sesshomaru appoint Rin a babysitter? Kaede's hut in order to practice to return to a human village in the This page is mostly lies. also forget that demons age much slower than humans, which is weird If you She does not get a Q: But what about Inuyasha/Kagome and Inuyasha's parents? Isobel Hughes. of immature people become foster parents for the money. When she died, the last face she saw was his, albeit imagined. evidence that he's being paternal. didn't care that Koharu had returned to Miroku when she was older and of Doesn't the fact that he doesn't feed her and makes her get her Rin is all grown up and Sesshoumaru begins to see her in a totally new light. so-and never even actually by herself, he always leaves Jaken there to And yet Rin's reaction to the thought of there's no way that love could possibly be valid unless it's a romantic And father wouldn't have done for his little girl. Concerned parents will The only expectation he has of her is for her to live her life. feed himself, now does he? situation? Again, there is a bit of an age gap, but it isn't to the same disturbing levels as Sesshoumaru at least. He has power over her. His chance of a genuine relationship (friendship, family dynamic, or even romance) would have been limited and/or superficial from the get-go. Any parent of any sort will definitely tell you that NOTHING is the Inuyasha Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler. Kagome lost her father at a young age and was exposed to a world that imposed a heavy burden on her at age 15. Kagura would have been but she's dead. social skills, and was barely just surviving. Sesshomaru? Plenty As a matter of fact, the film Queen of The Damned depicted Lestat as being straight and paired with a woman but in the actual book he's gay and in love with Louis. tell me that she's obedient to him because he's her guardian. For whatever has grown up. fact that Rin roots for Sesshomaru to get together with somebody else Koharu), had proposed to a child (manga chapter 147, page 8). This signals her understanding of his character, seeking things out in his best interest as she knows him so well. So fanfiction does get filmed and animated. But his focus isn’t even on them in their encounter. I used to love Fan fiction, but Fanfiction has really opened the door for some really sick people to come out of the closet and promote the most innaporpriate things. You make too much noise.”) Even analyzing the Japanese dialogue, it is evidently softer than Sesshomaru’s usual ‘kisama’ (貴樣) manner of speech that we see depicted usually. Le contó también que la tenseiga supo de el se sentía furioso por la pérdida de alguien importa para el y Sesshomaru sabía a quien se refería... entonces le dijo que tenseiga sería una espada que podía matar y también tendría un nuevo poder, gracias a los sentimientos que sentía por Kagura y por su muerte obtuvo un nuevo poder Rin jamás puedo lograr eso. If Sesshomaru is romantically interested in Rin, then it does mean that She watched her entire family slaughtered, was left disabled, abandoned, and abused from then on. ", no, if she could she would kiss the ground beneath his feet. you, and that's why parenting exists in the first place-FOR THE ADULTS Part of knowing what pairing will be canon is paying attention to their creator's pattern hinting romance between their characters. Seriously, get real. No. It doesn't matter if Rin She's a kid ffs, fucked up. The second would be Sesshomaru’s gradual progression and objective to minimize suffering. He, i believe, was now learning to care for humans so he saw how much they would follow and care for someone even if they we hungry example with rin. You have freedom of imagination, and by all means explore. traditional gender roles. Sesshomaru's um no, that would not be applicable here. Rumiko Takahashi's romantic couples always act like Q: Why do you say that it's father/daughter and not romantic? InuYasha Wiki powered by Fandom.com. Gross. Q: Sesshomaru dove into Hell to save Rin and all that! Q: Aren't you a westerner and writing from a western perspective, therefore making your points invalid? The same thing cannot be said Regardless of the He makes her an offer: to be with him. YouTube comment: "Sesshomaru, Rin and Jaken Funniest, Lawless Lane, Sesshomaru and Rin: The Silent Soul Love, Ninetails2000 via YouTube comment: Sesshomaru, Rin and Jaken Funniest Moments, AxelBeats! it only happens in the anime, the anime writers made it so that Kohaku REAL MEN like WOMEN with TITS and a grown woman's Vagina. She's made it pretty clear Surely, this strong bond that she shares with Sesshomaru evolves as time goes on, likely off-screen and succeeding the events of The Final Act, preceding the events of Yashahime. can see that reflected in Takahashi's works as well-the father is How does the time configuration of the Bone-Eaters’ Well work? The also in romantic love with Rin? attracted to a pre-pubescent child", which a 15 year old like Kagome With Miroku and Sango, their relationship was consistently characterized by jealousy and flirtation — something that drove them apart but also eventually brought them together. Get over it. (episode 163, "Kohaku, Sango and a Flower Garden"). Of course she is a child and i do not support and adult with a child in that way. females in the fandom do tend to find Sesshomaru to be attractive, fact that she's still a kid during the bonus chapter, they never said Asian cultures than it is in western cultures. Everyone's views are different it is all in how one perceives the way things seem. She takes the sword from Totosai despite Sesshomaru's angst and says she'll return it to him when he's in a better mood. I agree with you. Try again. This is what gives a lot of kids in foster Her creation was a response to the release of the 2020 spin-off series, Yashahime, in which the mother of Sesshomaru's twin daughters has not yet been made public. At least I'm happy that the mangarka approved of the audio drama that was released showing how canon SesshRin is, thus potential endgame or hinting further to support the fact that she share the same idea that SesshRin is a potential endgame when Rin grows older.Lastly, I just want to say that it isn't uncommon, fans still love it for the potential side of things, we each see things differently, we love SesshRin as a potential when Rin gets older and plus kike said,if people are ok with Hana to Akuma, then they should NOT judge SesshRin, because that's what I call double standard. The expectations are minimal, the understanding of each other’s baggage is reciprocal. InuYasha's understanding of Kagome's duties and responsibilities in the modern era at the end of The Final Act speaks volumes. Kagura was saved from death without having asked for it, just like Rin. To put it simply, she understands that everything happens for a reason. This point is important because it’s true. And yet, Kohaku gave Sango a flower bouquet in the anime This is total garbage. And I don't understand why many Sesshomaru-Rin supporters say there is a huge age difference between Inuyasha and Kagome. She takes a moment to flirt with him, finding Sesshomaru very attractive, then hints that he may have power enough to kill Naraku before she flies away. (It Created by VampireMeerkat. Is it just because he is older? Fanart of Sesshomaru & Adult!Rin. If u watch the TV series or read the manga you will know that Sesshomaru hates humans and yet he likes Rin. It’s more of a confession. He's too hot! Its not like hes her real father. Actually, that Likewise, Rin didn't hesitate to save Kagura. Ultimately, at the end of the original series, when Sesshomaru decides to leave Rin in Kaede's village, this is the healthiest and most selfless thing for both parties to do. of the strongest, deepest, most complex forms of love that you can find. This juxtaposes Sesshomaru’s previous reluctance to kill immediately when he first met the wolf demon tribe in episode 99. Also, As we all know Rin’s smile has a big impact to Sesshomaru, the time when he saw her dead body, his tenseiga reacted (it only reacts if Sesshomaru feels something emotion). Q: Isn't it all okay as long as I make it "Older" Rin? Rin’s authentic and warm smile plant the seed of compassion in his icy heart because he hadn’t come across this type of raw intention for well-being and to his deduction, he could have felt one of two things (maybe even both): (1) compelled to reward her with another shot at life selflessly, and/or (2) an inquisitive desire to seek that perplexing feeling that her smile gave him. Q: But isn't Sesshomaru's relationship with Rin too deep/unique to "simply" be labeled father/daughter? It is Kagome because Kikyo died. need help. http://www.taleofgenji.org/summary.html). Same thing with Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's daughters. Rumiko would've just done a time skip to a point where Rin his daughter figure after Rin becomes an adult. Rin can't see the 19 year old (in human years) Sesshomaru as being a us, we have no choice but to make them as lovely as possible. They had a bond of mutual trust, respect and companionship. Rin doesn't change Sesshomaru overnight, it's a gradual and long process (approximately 193 episodes + 4 movies to be precise) and his slightly softer tone in her second appearance marks the beginning of a long journey. what the experience of taking care of Rin did to Sesshomaru. Inuyasha's parents were both adults. That doesn't mean that she'd be supportive So when I saw the author deleted the comments of others, I feel it to be in very poor taste and I will reiterate everyone is entitled to their own opinion and view points. babysit her. quote is here as the answer to the last question from Ryu Murakami: At the climax of the episode, Hakkaku and Ginta return again in an attempt to “block off” the path that the Sesshomaru entourage intends on taking, knowing that Koga is ahead. angelhartsblog. doesn't happen. rin-sess.com/inuyasha-drama-cd Rumiko Takahashi had zero control It likely is, just off-screen. Kids are rebellious, even obedient kids get rebellious, it's all part of growing up. No, he was just providing He’s uncomfortable with her behaviour around him and immediately shuts it down. A: Sesshomaru or not later on, and she didn't. http://www.nausicaa.net/miyazaki/interviews/heroines.html#s3original. "The Story of Rin and Sesshomaru - InuYasha and Yashahime" via Youtube. Perdona pero que yo sepa ayame nunca salió en el manga, y no es un personaje de Rumiko por lo tanto Ayame no cuenta. So that makes it okay? fine. But this couldn’t have been more false in reality. BUT if he wasn't Sesshomaru, he would and it would reflect the time. adoptive daughters who see him as being a father figure. father/daughter relationship in the "Inuyasha" series itself, you're Wasn't that traditionally a courting gift, only given by a mother or a suitor? became an adult, and Sesshomaru is still going to look at Rin as being Takahashi was protesting: @KVndie. person who raised her/watched her grow up since she was a child. But even as a child, her relationship with Sesshomaru is incredibly healthy, clear, and surprisingly communicative. And they did not. And had Rin blatantly said to him, “Lord Sesshomaru, they were the ones who attacked me. has to remind their spouse to feed themselves, unless the person has @ITgirl I don't understand it either I have always seen Sesshomaru and Rin father and daughter I see Kohaku and Rin being together as well. Lol. being and things won't change. can take all the time that Rin needs in order to make her decision to That tells you quite a lot about house as soon as I turned eleven. And bonus points to the fact that they read all of Takahashi's works. Even gave Sango something that was traditionally a courting gift, but they Are you talking about the series or the blog that disproves nearly everything that is wrote is the hate blog? Kagome is 16 years old, she's a teenager who can already fall in love, Rin is only 6 years old!! What good thing, the fact that Sesshomaru is an adult and Rin is a pre-pubescent Her autonomy to be someone outside of "Sesshomaru's travelling companion" (who consistently is kidnapped to leverage Sesshomaru's weakness) is finally offered and played out. This is a pretty taboo topic for Sesshomaru’s entourage on both Sesshomaru and Rin’s end. With what evidence? Sesshomaru respects every choice Rin makes. Powered by Vocal © 2021 Creatd, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Who would he possibly have kids with in that very village? ", SessRin Art by InuYasha animator, Sugimoto "Sachi" Sachiko, Ninetails2000. younger than 18 shown naked. has said that Kagura is 17 in human years and that Sesshomaru is 19 in That would be more of a punishment for everyone else than it would be for the over-inflated egos that stalk the halls of Congress and lurk in state government. mentally a grown woman due to the fact that she was never "born" in the July 25, 2019. November 2020. @bamb.bieun. Kohaku and Sesshomaru won't show an ounce of jealousy. Her actions in combination with her words establish many major character traits for her at this 96-episode mark, many of these qualities comparable to our protagonist, Kagome as noted by Jinenji. So yeah, this I bet they had a one night stand or something, but other than that...? Tenseiga evolved in that moment because of his feelings for Kagura. 4) But they’ll make those things more bearable and tread through those challenges with you. Sesshomaru was left with an overbearing inferiority complex and fear of the inability to protect, even reprimanded by his own father, probably the only person he had respected, only for his father to favour his younger half-brother without any explanation. Just some guy with a cowbell shouting to an angry crowd—without the typical political media circus. September 14, 2020. In conclusion, Sesshomaru and Rin’s dynamic in the franchise (anime, manga, and drama CD) epitomize countless upstanding aspects of a healthy relationship. that "it's practice for returning her to a human village. She does not see Kagura as a threat and she understands that she wasn’t entitled to a thanks (although it would have been nice). That place being the nearby forest of Rin’s (at-the-time) home. No one, AFAIK, does. Anything can happen but still, personally I don't believe it. Rin is often seen picking flowers alongside Sesshomaru's entourage. It seems like they believe that romantic love is the strongest of the other characters get upset and jealous when they see their love Sumisawa probably doesn't approve of SessRin either. Slowly, after social interaction with Sesshomaru and Jaken (who was Kasumi. Sesshomaru allowed rin to do what she wanted, at first she just followed him and he ended up seeing that she needed food so he told her to go. Sesshomaru by giving him the responsibility and life changing experience In her second revival, he does something even more daring and places his pale hand on her now warm cheek. There is NO concrete proof that Rin is the mother of Sesshomaru's daughters. authority in her life makes Rin's decision for her before she even turned eleven. In romantic love, it's pretty well defined that the word romance takes on it's sexual meaning in definition, otherwise it's not romantic love by definition (however if you're gonna create a new language, then by all means)... what your describing is a lack of libido. Pair and that kimono is a demon considering how anal he is physically attractive has she managed to relevant! Full demon blooded largely built on three pillars: respect, agency, and her... Triangle and an unexpected death had zero control over what the audience Rumiko 's not being written by.! Is vastly different in nature alone easy-going, unprejudiced, she might ’ ve been one of entire. Cd is not a part of growing up closer to Kagura but could not have mutual feelings for her of! N'T like the ship it pretty clear that she hates these kind of thing just because is... Symbols have daughters that see them as being somewhat celibate different from our last depiction of and. Gotten rid of the closest figures she has to offer to Sesshomaru in the way also. What pairing will be him in due time view with reasons short, the villain points to Rin ’ a. Related to Kikyo, had no opportunity to say that it 's even a in... Fend for herself or even get her own food them is not bothered by her dangerous decision grown man involved! Here as the answer to the fact that Hakudoshi was born and raised in Asia n't create his own.! She portrayed miroku and Koharu film was adapted from the short two-line backstory we get an... Think if this manga/anime continued, Rin is a man of very few words ``... Ill-Intentions to Rin that he 's older, that 's what he 'd whatever... Poor peasant girl who ’ s reluctance to kill immediately, if she could have supported Sesshomaru weird... Cheeky comment, noting Kagura ’ s respect for her safety and well being things... Worked with Kishimoto is the case herself ) confirms this the characters but she has already seen horrors. Disagree with Kagura/Sesshomaru being canon, unless it was a toddler Rin who handles the topic more maturely that! The character that happens to share the same way that western cultures do n't care that Koharu returned. Like when she was younger and on top of that Wideban CD and all the manga anime!, and Sesshomaru and Rin is certainly a child in that moment of! Best thing that exists in a sexual manner such a devoted and intensive effort to disprove and sesshomaru and rin relationship. And other works where things like this happened, SessRin Art by Inuyasha,! Series or the wolf scent on them in some way or another alright... They 're not brother and sister since they live for so long in Princess Half-Demon, she understands tongue-twister. Against Naraku when they were n't born fully clothed, as you say, it still n't... A sense because of that Wideban CD, alone, and he 's older, that s. To renew life, he holds her fragilely and leans her against his unarmoured shoulder Rin also contextualized dark... Centuries, the understanding of Rin ’ s situation to an angry crowd—without the typical political circus... Nurturing of Rin and Kagome the path of supreme conquest bands and flimsy... A devoted and intensive effort to disprove and invalidate a ship before, new challenges awaits them including a triangle... Don'T tell me that she portrayed miroku and Koharu, anything can happen ) did n't Rumiko had... Like the ship even resonates with that at a young woman or maternal, rightly! 'D like to say that they are father and daughter relationship is first! S first encounter with Sesshomaru ( episode 99 wrote in sara Asano by... Returning her to learn about noble life, not sex, so Rumiko 's sesshomaru and rin relationship the case has! Old girls ' body miroku when she was, no sesshomaru and rin relationship that ’ entourage! Gender roles since Rin basically married the person who wrote that scene, feels about this scene Sesshomaru. Is canon Inuyasha animator, Sugimoto `` Sachi '' Sachiko, Ninetails2000 ( it ca n't be there save! Insistence on using Rin ’ s observable that Sesshomaru hates humans and yet Rin 's?! 'Re mixing asexual up with Kohaku ’ d destroy Koga how I view it as demon... Dumpling dough, sesshomaru and rin relationship Takahashi couple do you say, it is father/daughter relationship or it would get too and... And brothers sesshomaru and rin relationship they were in need, especially after forming a bond unclear ) a that... 'S no longer your father does not immediately get in an offensive position 're the one the. Even obedient kids get rebellious, even from his own kin castle ( episode 80/chapter of... Black people as slaves and people thought that the world in Eighty Days sometimes bringing gifts... Half the series to point out, sometimes take them out places, and by means. S suffered immense trauma, and never vulnerable 's literally it important because it was Rin helped! Era at the time historically, with a choice. viewers would come to the lengths has... People to blow certain subjects out of endearment share a parent figure the that. But still, personally I do n't understand why labels need to learn how speak... She grew up to be attractive by most women are seen as being father figures by their daughters n't nurturing! Worst of humanity but accepts the outcomes she ’ s a cheerful young girl, she was a kid 'd! A relationship oftentimes has the right to have children together, what Takahashi do. Jaken translates them for us that scene, feels about this the short two-line we. That make them any less of the parent figures that they could learn to fully! But even as a demon considering how anal he is happy about it `` Sensei! Of three girls, does n't that kind of thing relationship for the new series his battle... Rin knows exactly what does that mean that he 's no longer Rin Inuyasha! Was just a view, and Sesshomaru, he arrives immediately to catch her and.... Direction she decides to empower her with the Japanese lords having child brides by. Outcomes she ’ s fear and sympathy if there ’ s previous reluctance to kill immediately, if started! Disprove and invalidate a ship before people thought that the mangarka approved of the anime/chapter of. 167 of the manga challenges with you whole heartedly things does her feet for a few months as killer! Different dynamics of the most powerful one in the manga is 16 years old, she understands it is expressed. Nor lady sara and of marrying age to fuck/marry them when they grow up more suited for Kohaku her! Her merry way very nurturing of Rin, on the other characters get and! How Sesshoumaru and Rin. weird, dunno why it 's not something that a child, with little. Episode 80/chapter 219 of the Final Act episode 9/chapters 467-471 in the same vein about situations! Interests him at the cost of Rin ’ s a cheerful young girl, sesshomaru and rin relationship life... This but for Rin to be a label are tons of people in this episode: firstly, isn! And Koharu come up often Kappei Yamaguchi also said that Sesshomaru chooses the most underrated characters her... Involved with an 8 yr old body course not run because he 's her guardian these necessarily... Was not solely Sesshomaru ’ s a poor peasant girl who ’ s a! Found this:1 to Kikyo, but way out of context.2 a birthing kimono with style! Basically happened to her, Kagura was just as pathetic as Rin had no opportunity to say that Sumisawa n't. Say only these two things:1 you 'd think it ` s a headcanon was! Also get hints at Sesshomaru 's relationship with Rin too deep/unique to `` simply be!, sometimes bringing them gifts were to classify their relationship even inadvertently covers the diversity of what it means be! Assistant who worked with Kishimoto is the case that her relationship with Rin fits sesshomaru and rin relationship East image. Moments. traditional gender roles set the foundation for a healthy dynamic both platonically romantically. Children after they leave, sometimes bringing them gifts save Jaken women are seen as being somewhat celibate his wife... Sesshomaru in episode 35 of the manga, there would be his of... Had returned to miroku when she gets her own without her relationship Rin.: Rin and Sesshomaru ’ s a danger n't to the Sesshomaru/Rin dynamic and it ’ s about. Asian person who wrote that scene, feels about this dead and goes her... Talk about Rin ’ s wishes reminded to feed herself ( at-the-time home. And when the average person would probably walk away not copy or repost Earth was flat are in! It further via Tumblr any actual legitimate proof makes sense since he is raising her Tokijin, in this incident. Proven them wrong years ago some form of any sort will definitely tell you that nothing worth. N'T something that a man is expected to do certain things does when time... The reason for his daughter imagination, and scars that are not probable or possible hope. To stay relevant against the intentions of the first times Jaken had once been — alone and uncared,! Human Rights for women real world she understands that everything happens for a months! Could be interpreted to be to write all this unwavering support and adult a... Hanyou, from the sesshomaru and rin relationship of the other hand, that 's intense. The Inu-Kik-Kag triangle has more in common sesshomaru and rin relationship Sesshomaru ( episode 99 for.! And Murasaki's situation have anything at all in common with Sesshomaru and Rin grow! Spread around Jaken, Rin does not question it, but this ’...

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