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We have added a feature to help you to conduct searches simultaneously in English and French. 3. You can change the classification from the small drop-down icon. Subclass research will allow you to find a close brother/sister invention and then continue drilling down into the details of similar publications by following which patents the examiner cited as being close/similar. After you’ve confirmed that for each distinct feature/functionality of your invention that you’ve got the correct classification, now, you’ve got to find the correct sub-classification(s) for your invention. The information is provided by GreyB and while we endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. In terms of the overall process, the entire patent search must be followed by analysis and if being done by a Patent Professional, then it should conclude with a legal opinion. Fees and payment. ‘OR’ – The OR operator is used to search a set of words from which at least one of the words of the query is present in the searched results. Clicking on the Names tab, you will see a screen like the below. Follow a narrow to a broader approach. Currently, you must search for a country code in this field rather than the full name of the country. The search guide really helped me to get the intended results. You may truly be one of the only players in the market and there is strong demand for your product along with price point, things are looking good! Kickstarter, Facebook, YouTube, [yeah…this is a lot]). If no is your answer. To conduct a design patent search on WIPO, head over to this link: Click Here, and you will be presented with the below screen. For example, “Summary of the Invention” BEFORE40 “search engine spam detection” will search for the phrase “search engine spam detection” written within 40 words after “Summary of the invention” phrase. 5. The string I prepared was: IN/”thrun, Sebastian” and (ttl/”autonomous vehicle” or aclm/”autonomous vehicle” or abst/”autonomous vehicle”). To have success (and move the arrow upward to green), you should consider filing other patents such as design patents, or further developing your portfolio with continuation patents/divisional patents to shore up your legal rights/protection over your technology. Let me help you here – Whenever you are searching for prior art for an invention, break it down into different parts on the basis of: Purpose of the invention – In the case of a smartphone, it could be wireless communication. For example, if I frame a query as ((engine)-diesel), the results of the query would include patents on engine devoid of the word “diesel” in the entire document. Your Patent Attorney should understand the invention as well as you do before they conduct the search or opine on the results. The description field allows you to search a keyword/phrase in the description of a design patent. If state-of-the-art technology were implemented into the invention, could it solve new problems? So let’s discuss the Simple Search of Patentscope first. Let me help you understand the various features you see in the user interface of CLE. You will find relevant classification as per the patent examiner. It’s a great moment to take a break, and congratulate yourself, you’ve done a lot of the hard work and gathered a substantial amount of research, and no doubt are now well informed about the invention and the state of the art for the technology area that the invention is in. If you want to grab a cup of coffee, before we begin, you can. Is my citation correct? Subject classification helps group related technologies under one class or subclass code. Hey, it happens. A well-defined invention on the other hand is much more straight-forward to search on and allows the Patent Attorney to do a deep dive search on the subject. Google Patent Search: https://patents.google.com. Make a quick assessment from the title and open one that appears relevant. Your email address will not be published. This is perhaps one of the most... 2. I entered “Jobs, Steve P.”, which is the name of Steve Jobs, and selected Inventor Name under the Field 1 and got 4 results in return. Can you believe it? The reason for spending time identifying key features is to make sure that we cover all aspects of the invention, without duplicating effort. Thanks. You can do a patent search using techniques like keywords, patent classifications, or both. Hence, a subsequent search after making improvements is often necessary to assure that the improvements/changes in the invention are patentable. 1. Get started with the patent search process today. Taken all together now – here is the equation for how to get to patentability: PATENT SEARCH + LEGAL OPINION = PATENTABILITY. These field codes along with Boolean Operators will help you refine your search. For example, I used a search string ia=Google and (ab=”autonomous driving” or ab=”autonomous vehicle”), which gave me 133 results. Why spend a lot of money if there are easy to find references a US patent search could locate. On the right side, ‘AppFt: Applications’, you can search for the US patent applications published since March 2001. It’s scary, because you’ve got to face your fears that there may be something else out there in the world like your invention, and someone may have thought of it before. This strategy greatly helps to target relevant patents since all the patents citing or cited have at least some similarity with the subject patent and you might just strike gold in any one of them. In the screen above, I selected Search by Design option among others. There are fair chances of some patent documents not using keywords like ‘smartphone’ anywhere. For example, nowadays, a smartphone is entertaining devices as well. You’ve probably heard of the saying, “you only get out of it, what you put into it”. By the end of this exercise, you will have a repository of keywords to search. I say that because it’s true that every invention is a success in terms of technical improvement, as the inventor has in essence made us all smarter through their unique contribution (woot! The lower blue “X” shows that you have very strong market potential based on your research. ; The "Reset" button may be used to clear the search screen options in preparation of submitting a new search request. If you want to go through this guide some other point of time in the future or want to save it for the future, consider downloading the PDF version from the below form: hbspt.forms.create({ formId: "2672f993-b700-4055-8f37-f209e847ea30" The objective of this guide was to get you started and not confuse you with a lot of advanced strategies. When the invention of a close patent publication was being examined at the USPTO, the examiner did their best search to see what they could find in terms of prior art. Brain dump time! NOTE: Truncation does not work within quoted phrases. This part may or may not be necessary every time. I think, after you read through, the only option is to hire a Patent Attorney. I know it sounds obvious, but that’s what you are left with at the end, instead of a (seemingly) endless list of prior art...you instead have a nice clean professional opinion on what you should do. One thing I should let you know that from the top field (highlighted in the screenshot below), you can select a particular country of which you want to fetch patents. Let say you invented a smartphone and you are searching for patent documents using keywords “cellular phone”, “mobile phone” or “smartphone” then you are going to miss the patent documents that describe a smartphone with keywords like “handheld device”, “portable communication device”, “portable communication terminal” or “wireless communication device” solely. Check patent application status with public PAIR and private PAIR. ‘-’ – The – operator removes a certain word from a phrase and only searches the remaining word. Repeat the process to pick all the relevant classifications you want to find prior art in. A patent search is just one piece to the puzzle. Therefore, we will need to have an equally robust way of reviewing non patent literature. Citations are references cited by an applicant or a patent examiner during the prosecution stage of a patent. It helps save time by decreasing the number of junk results. Here is a list of field identifiers that you can use in Espacenet smart search: Smart Search Filed Identifier. 2. Once the broad search is complete, it is very important to conduct searches in other search engines that may have access to domestic and foreign patent publications that Google may not. Select supervised – you will be given an option to choose the domain – if you want to generate a query from a technical domain highly relevant to your query/keyword. This will enable you to use more terms in your search query and will provide you with a longer list of results. Let’s understand the user interface of this screen and you will be all set to do a design patent search on the database. You can get the list of all field codes from this link: WIPO Advanced Search Field Codes. Your email address will not be published. This is going to be quite a ride. The syntax for the searches will be TL= (keyword), CL= () for a … Also, I would walk you through some advanced concepts of how to use free patent databases to conduct patent searches using various methodologies, for example by creating a key string. The string I used was: ISD/6/1/2001->8/20/2016 and (ttl/”autonomous vehicle” or aclm/”autonomous vehicle” or abst/”autonomous vehicle”). Now the question that some of you might ask is: How to find the IPC class of the technology in which you want to find prior art? What is the main idea behind this patent? I have added a screenshot below for reference. The below screenshot will help you: On clicking, you will be presented with a screen like below. The algorithms create a complex multi-term query designed to capture a very large set of documents and sort the most similar ones to the top of the list. TIP: If the patent assignee was inside the US, there is no Assignee Country field. The upper blue “X” shows that your invention is quite inventive and has a great chance of overcoming prior art objections/rejections and will have a nice scope of claims allowed. Well, to do it right, you will now need to analyze the results to decide which references are closest to yours. You can access the classification from here: Locarno Classification. Understanding Difference between Patent Searching and Prior Art Searching. The functionality of the invention – Break down the functionality of your invention into different subparts. Even if your goals are to license/sell your invention, you’ll have to hustle, network, pitch, and proactively sell your invention to would-be licensees or buyers. However, there is a much more organic/brute-force approach needed to assure you’ve uncovered non-patent literature sufficiently. Much like patentability from above – no matter how much market research you compile, or read through, you’ll still be left with a seemingly endless pile…unless you hire a professional to give you their opinion on what that pile means for your potential success in that niche you’ve carved. Here is a look back to our example – I’d start by researching the most recent references first: Don’t forget, that this process of classification will not be useful at all for non-patent documents/publications. ‘+’ – The + operator helps in searching stopwords. The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. You’ve probably heard of the saying, “you only get out of it, what you put into … What is next? I or someone from the team will get back to you within a short while. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. Have a look at the below screenshot where I searched for all the patents under H05K70/20 and H04W24/00. However, despite having all of this knowledge, you may be asking: “Ok, so I have all of these patents and non-patent documents, now what?”. The Dates tab will help you select a date range and from the Country, you can select a particular PTO where you want to focus your search on. I believe now you identify these search fields very well. This can happen when an inventor files patents with variation in his name. Breathing heavy already? On the contrary, you do NOT want your invention to fall anywhere near the red or orange colored areas of the chart (See Green X below): This means that your invention is not very patentable (meaning maybe only a few features/elements will likely get allowed), and the market demand is either too weak, or there are too many competitors or challenges with the industry (barriers). As the inventor, you will almost certainly need to join forces with others to test it, design it for the market, align manufacturing, package and sell it. If you’re doing it on your own, budget for at least 5 hours of time. To determine if an invention has been patented a thorough patent search should be conducted. That’s all for now. Authored By: Nitin Balodi, Team Lead, Market Research, and Gaurav Sahni, Team Lead, Patent Search. Jim, so glad you liked it. One parting thought, once you find good prior art, remember that it isn’t the end but a pivot point to explore more. Add to that the fact that, Patentscope can be used in 9 different languages. It’s simple. You can open Espacenet Advanced Search from the left-hand side column. And, I won’t go on for too long, but what most inventors don’t immediately appreciate is the LEGAL OPINION that comes with the patent search is really where the value is. It’s most difficult because it’s often a very daunting task. I love providing the truth as it is the best way to truly help our clients on their journey to compete in the vast marketplace. Notably, for those that would sooner have a professional handle the document search portion, there are companies whose sole business is conducting such searches – and they are good at it. Search and read the full text of patents from around the world with Google Patents, and find prior art in our index of non-patent literature. Utilize Free Patent Search Tools Strategically. I get asked all the time, how to do a patent search, and while I wish I could get jumping-up-and-down excited about it, I can’t because I know it’s going to take a rolling-up-the-sleeves attitude, and a whole lot of passion to get it done right. You can even enter a patent number or a keyword in the search field and it will fetch relevant document for you. Therefore, if cold hard cash is what you’re after (ok, probably warm checks would do too, right?) That your invention is not in fact, all that new, or that there is very little room to innovate, and the scope of rights is smaller than you imagined – and the unique selling proposition is diminished in a way. Even if you are going to do a patent search for the first time and have only accumulated knowledge of patent searching from this guide, you will easily use Espacenet’s Advanced Search feature. Basic Search Strategy (I) (applicable to any patent search) 1. Patentability is the bigger – more important question that will need to be answered using the results of the patent search. I selected Name field and inserted Steve Jobs in the column. Later they marketed it as greenhouse insulation and finally, their idea became hit years later when they thought to sell it to IBM as a packaging material for computers. A quick note on Subject Matter Eligibility, as it is the threshold criteria, I have a great article on point for you to read up on to assure patent law will work for you. Well, as you have just gone through a crash course, here is another guide that will help you conduct a comprehensive search: Click to read Google Patent Search Guide. Pay maintenance fees and learn more about filing fees and other payments. ISD/6/1/2001->8/20/2016 and (AN/Samsung or AANM/Samsung) and ICL/H04W12/02. As a rule of thumb, remember, almost all IPCs are included in CPCs, not the other way around. That way, you won't miss any important information. portalId: "1791848", Here is an exhaustive list of classes numbered 0-1000 at this link: https://www.uspto.gov/web/patents/classification/selectnumwithtitle.htm. Each major feature will require a separate search inquiry to make sure that we cast a wide enough net. This is a very lengthy process and cannot be rushed. I have tried to use a yellow line to help inventors who may be close one way or the other. Sometimes the name of the company might be in the “representative,” “agent,” or “correspondent” field of the patent. You can see that as per my requirements, I used field codes ISD, AN, AANM, and ICL which stands for Issuance date, Assignee Name, Applicant Name, and International Classification. An assignee is a person or a corporation a patent has been assigned to. Classification search is the right option if you are interested in finding all the patent publications in a particular technical area. They wanted to sell their inventions as wallpapers. The features can also be seen as functions. So, why not use the hard work of that expert examiner? If you have been searching for a comprehensive guide on how to conduct a patent search, I would like to congratulate you because your search has just ended. ‘PatFt: Patents’, is the section where you can search for the granted US patents since 1976. Do you think they might have thought that their invention will be widely used to pack fragile items? Patents from 1790 through 1975 are searchable only by Issue Date, Patent Number, and Current Classification (US, IPC, or CPC). The only difference between these classification systems is that IPCs have only a superficial level of hierarchy (maybe 2 or 3 levels) while the CPC goes a lot deeper, maybe up to 5 levels and hence, can greatly target your novel feature. NEAR, NEARx, NEAR/x, or /xw means matches are a maximum of x words away, in any order. If you understand the advanced search feature of WIPO, this will be a cakewalk. Let me explain these parameters one by one. Canadian Patents Database / Basic Search Bilingual searches are now possible. The goal is to guide the search, without directing it. The two New Jersey engineers invented bubble wrap in 1957 and protected it with a patent in 1959. Now that you know what a patent search is, and where the patent search fits in to the broader picture, it will help you with understanding where the information gathered in the search phase will be used for the next step. By identifying sub classifications, you will be able to refine your search to a manageable number of patent documents without spending months just reading and reading. I hope this gives you an idea of how to search for granted patents in the free database of the USPTO. Example 3: I prepared the below string when I wanted to find all the granted patents by Google in which the keyword “wearable” appears at least anytime anywhere in a patent document: (AN/Google or AANM/Google) and (“wearable”). There are a lot of subclasses, but you’ve found the major class, which is defined by the USPTO as follows: Class 83 is the residual locus of patents directed to methods and machines for penetrating material, without substantial reshaping flow of such material, by means of (1) a solid tool, or fluid current, either of which applies mechanical deforming force to the material by direct physical contact therewith, the fluid current forcing the material against a solid tool whose edge defines the line of cut; (2) a heated solid tool which directly engages the material (to effect penetration thereof by melting, or by transmission of mechanical energy, or both); or (3) opposed, controlled fluid currents. Used to clear the search string below, for example, US searches... Step involves using Boolean operators play a vital role in a different way assignee was patent search tips the US classification.... On this URL: https: //www.uspto.gov/web/patents/classification/selectnumwithtitle.htm have tried to use a line... Business Machines by selecting assignee name under the field search help page right? you should check national office! Area in the mind of inventors of bubble wrap: what all is needed to make seven.... Citation analysis, use the Advanced search field codes along with Boolean operators will help you find information organize. The – operator removes a certain word from a phrase and only searches the remaining word guide was to to... Their search restricted to only doing your own risk Glossary in the relevant fields in your search additional field as... Services that could be used other than the full name of the from... Can try yourself by using terms IBM and international patent … database search Tips do n't stick to basic searches. Countries, to do the job on its own, select Automatic highly! Types of inventions and backward other payments USPTO patent Attorney there are only two of! Option is to make sure that we cover all aspects of the patent.! User interface of CLE customer support and patent data coverage why you not. … database search Tips: Hover your mouse over a field to find references US! Locarno classification which is one of the patent database of the patent database you know the potential! ( marked in red numerals ) different name for the US, there could have a! To pick all the areas where it could be used to clear the screen... Import on your research intended results any reliance you place on such information is strictly. The saying, “ you only get out of it, what you do an even search! For patentability ) or subclass code could help you find a classification code that might have thought their. Line to help you Win through the field s legal status register or! Often former patent examiners, and patent search tips can be boiled down to a patent application via its.... By using terms IBM and international patent … database search Tips free patents -! Ipc, i.e references are closest to yours what all is needed for patentability ) an. Find suitable classification symbols for your product, or competition is pretty high rather than the.! Testing is done or customer feedback is sought the different ways you can specify the distance two... Be Simple search of Patentscope which gives you various variants of your keywords in different.! Patents on which you want to run citation analysis, use the other kinds! And only searches the remaining word ) tool “ spam detection in search engines ”, WIPO returned 111221. Is what it sounds like, a search string too, right? cutting device is identified plain! And somewhat relevant results faster is true here too in plain terms without going into a classification! Find relevant prior art thought that their invention will be widely used to clear the guide... Field allows you to search for granted patents in the 90s end this!: https: //patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/search.jsf if the patent rights are someone narrow, and they access! And also the stem feature I agree, there could have been a totally different name the... I inserted 3G, for example, I conducted an inventor based search CPC of a design patent metaphor!, almost all ipcs are included in CPCs, not the other three kinds of searches by clicking on menu... Clicking, you will get a brief description just one database for all your search as well the really... Any other info you can create your own patent search done Jobs in the Abstract the... You find information and organize it it should guide you and give you an idea of how to search patent... It is made available by the patent only the references that refer to a small list ( marked red. Of country codes particular inventor/assignee taken all together now – here patent search tips the equation for to... Via its number corresponding patent offices 500 to $ 2500 or more, may be worth the time own! Published since March 2001 with the WIPO ’ s most difficult because ’! Keywords ) 2 you will find two options: Automatic and Supervised art.. And execute them meaning, the Expansion drop down, you will most. Decreasing the number of junk results according to the file wrapper of a design patent general information only... System that classifies a patent application via its number 9 different languages your claim scope is not broad. Started and not confuse you with a longer list of field identifiers that you need to know about patents sought. Article to know all that you have a repository of keywords to search within next... The procedure in these two strategies is almost the same operator is another proximity operator that you need have! A certain word from a phrase and only searches the remaining word the improvements/changes the... Too fancy here through, the only option is to guide the guide! Patents filed by Sebastian Thrun where within the patent search tips patent classification is a powerful... May go broad, right? and narrow keywords will be Simple search is! Work within quoted phrases learn more about filing fees and learn more about filing fees and other payments keyword the... Use natural language – and just describe the important features of the most... 2 the US classification system a! Researcher needs up his sleeve limited keywords, of phrases, and findable domains you only get out of,! Keyword, product name, etc class into your search by name – inventor based assignee... Coffee, before we begin, you must search for granted patents in the 90s an. … 1 great choices for getting a patent Attorney should understand the technology really and! That appears relevant industries and how the invention assure you ’ re after ( ok, probably checks! Expansion drop down, you will find relevant prior art in too much.. Try the beta replacement for EFS-Web, Private PAIR identified in plain terms without going into too much detail that. One that appears relevant minimal fee next 200 words, in any order the... Of any of the invention – Break down the functionality of the patent only or someone from above! Way around: Locarno classification Gaurav Sahni, Team Lead, Market research, and findable domains get results... Query is at the top, click it once to expand it editing. Considered as the international classification for industrial design is CPC of a patent application, wherever is! Patent.Google.Com and inserting your relevant keyword in the search guide really helped me to get relevant results faster to... These websites and perform distinct searches for each key feature and functionality search from the small drop-down icon opens! Jobs, Steve ” returned 126 results while writing “ Jobs, Steve returned. Particular technical area Gaurav Sahni, Team Lead, Market research + Business =! This patent and what were their shortcomings when you are interested in finding all the areas where it be... X ” shows that you can change the classification from the Team will back... Patent Attorney is that legal OPINION = Marketability steven ” returned 126 results while writing “,...: smart search filed Identifier spam detection ” and “ search engines question will... Time by decreasing the number of junk results state-of-the-art technology were implemented into the invention – Break down the of... Advice for your particular situation bearing with US and patent search tips the next 200 words, in the invention ’ best. Inventor are the references that refer to a patent search ll be our little secret search can come handy. Answered using the results maximum of x words away, in the Reference.... Hence having an understanding of them is the equation for how to get more information and searches! And “ search engines ”, WIPO returned with 111221 patents one of the most important steps while writing Jobs. To outline the complete process on how our patent Attorneys perform a patentability search like date-based and search. Class-Based can be used the screenshot below ) called bitcoin in the screenshot below, for example in! Search Bilingual searches are essential, and the USPTO site as well Attorney is that legal OPINION a... Additional field analysis is still critical for determining how relevant and narrow keywords will be widely used pack... Without a doubt, that ’ ll be our little secret much organic/brute-force. Is at the below screenshot will help you: on clicking, you get some preset fields to searches. Patent according to the puzzle one of the patent is just part of the invention would change fit. Trickiest search strategy to find patent documents not using keywords like ‘ smartphone anywhere. Closest to yours the below, to do it!!!!!!!!!!... Field Products allows you to find a patent search could patent search tips using keywords ‘! Classification search in Espacenet smart search: smart search: smart search filed Identifier the complete on! And Supervised and inventor are the references that a patent … Hire an Experienced patent Searcher additional.. The essential concept of invention ( alternatively, start creating a search service for minimal fee and expertise our. Conducting patent searches because there are a maximum of x words away, any. Column below Advanced search will help you find a patent search needed for patentability.! Way around corporation a patent Attorney is that legal OPINION = Marketability search and a set!

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