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Report contains detailed information on the Tennant lawsuit. “Such a wonderful, accepting community.”. “Everybody knows everybody’s business,” Higgs said, but nobody talked about C8. Danzey was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer that led to the amputation of her leg. Earl had come to believe that its water was now poisoned — with what, he did not know. Post-diagnosis, Cox had begun performing stand-up comedy routines that incorporated flute solos. “Dark Waters” — a legal thriller starring Mark Ruffalo, with a script inspired by a 2016 New York Times article — tells the epic story of the DuPont corporation’s failure to inform residents of the Mid-Ohio Valley of the considerable health risks of a perfluoroalkyl substance [PFAS] called perfluorooctanoic acid, or C8, for its chain of eight carbons. He knew the folks at the DNR, because they gave him a special permit to hunt on his land out of season. The spleen was thinner and whiter than any spleen he had come cross. When her kids were growing up, when someone was hired at DuPont, “there was a celebration” — the good pay, the benefits, “and they did treat their employees well.”. There’s been fifty-six cows that’s been burnt just like this.”. Joyce said he’s heard more about his community’s long struggle with corporate environmental malfeasance in the past few weeks than in his previous two and a half years in office. Deitzler was involved in settling the C8 groundwater contamination suit against DuPont in Parkersburg, West Virginia. When he cut out the other lung, he noted dark purple splotches where they should have been fluffy and pink. Information submitted to the EPA as part of the investigation into C8 contamination near Parkersburg, West Virginia. It kicked and thumped and wallered around there like you wouldn’t believe.”. You could poke it with a stick and leave a hole. The cattle farmer stood at the edge of a creek that cut through a sun-dappled hollow. He couldn’t quite place it. Across the nation, the system that Congress created to protect the nation’s waters under the Clean Water Act of 1972 today often fails to prevent pollution. “When you have a community of that size, and you’ve got several thousand people employed there, and multiply that by the families and their relatives — it’s very upsetting.” Some folks were unsure of what to make of Deitzler. Attorney Harry Deitzler poses for a portrait in his office at Hill, Peterson, Carper, Bee and Deitzler, PLLC, in Charleston, West Virginia, on Nov. 27, 2019. He and his wife, Darlene, joined the class-action suit that was settled in 2004. Harry Deitzler served as a lead attorney, among others, in representing the Kigers and tens of thousands of others in the class-action suit. In less than two years he had lost at least one hundred calves and more than fifty cows. DuPont settled the suit in 2004 making provisions for water filtration, medical monitoring, and potential personal injury claims if the controversial substance could be scientifically linked to human disease. He was an excellent marksman, and his family had always had enough meat to eat. They would nuzzle him as he scratched their heads. The muscle looked fine, but a thin, yellow liquid gathered in the cavity where it once beat. (Photo by Lexi Browning/100 Days in Appalachia), Longtime resident Nancy Roettger characterizes the community’s reaction to the revelation of what DuPont had done as a “weird mix.”. But I don’t believe we can blame the everyday worker.” Her father-in-law worked in the Teflon division. The kidneys, too, looked abnormal. Parkersburg, said Doug Higgs, is the kind of town where everybody knows everybody. Jones, who has lived in the area for most of her life, recalled DuPont's heavy involvement in the community, from sponsoring community activities and education to employing a great deal of the area's residents. As a boy, he had cooled his bare feet in this creek. They just turn their back and walk on,” he told the camera. Her calf, black and white, lay dead on its side in a circle of matted grass. In 2005, it reached a $16.5 million settlement with the EPA for violations of the Toxic Substances Control Act. The tongue looked normal, but some of the teeth were coal black, interspersed with the white ones like piano keys. The pipe flowed out of a collection pond at the low end of a landfill. Why the insurrection at the Capitol was an economically significant moment, Pandemic could cause twice as much homelessness as the Great Recession, States spend more on security facing continued threat of violence, Security concerns take toll on pandemic-ravaged Washington businesses. Behind him, white-faced Herefords grazed in rolling meadows. The calf was engulfed in a black, humming mist. It was discovered that the DuPont plant had contaminated the local water supply with perfluorooctanoic (PFOA) acid thus residents in the area are advised to drink … Earl had sought help, but no one would step up. In 2004, blood tests revealed higher than average concentrations of PFOA in blood serum in residents of Parkersburg, West Virginia. After contacting the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources and the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, he felt stonewalled. “You notice them dark place there, all down through? Darlene said that when she and Joe are out around town, “there are a lot of whispers behind your back. Attached to it was a gallbladder that didn’t. Even though he sold them to be finished and slaughtered for beef, he didn’t have the heart to kill one himself, unless it had a broken leg and he needed to end its suffering. (Courtesy Seth Freeman Photography), Weathered signage on the Point Park floodwall greets passersby in downtown Parkersburg, West Virginia, on Nov. 20, 2019. “It’s just like that other calf up yonder,” he said, panning over the matted grass. Plaintiffs brought claims of PFOA (or C8) contamination of drinking water in six districts in two states near the DuPont Washington Works facility near Parkersburg, West Virginia. A thicker foam gathered in eddies, trembling like egg whites whipped into stiff peaks so high they sometimes blew off on a breeze. Produced with support from the National Geographic Society and the Lenfest Institute for Journalism. Marketplace is a division of MPR's 501 (c)(3). His cattle now drank from its pools. Danzey is among those who believe that in regard to perceptions of DuPont in the Parkersburg community, there’s a generational divide: Those in their 40s and younger tend to hold a less charitable view than baby boomers and their parents. Exposure: Poisoned Water, Corporate Greed, and One Lawyer’s Twenty-Year Battle against DuPont. It flowed through a corner of the three-hundred-acre farm, in a place Earl called “the holler.” A small valley cut between hillsides, the holler was where he moved the herd to graze throughout the summer. That’s why they called it Dry Run. The chemical seeped into the water supplies of the communities of Lubeck and Little Hocking, immediately west of Parkersburg, and the city of Belpre, Ohio, just across the river; and three other water systems. His freezer had brimmed with venison, wild turkey, squirrel and rabbit. DuPont scientists were aware in the early 1990s of links to cancerous tumors from C8 exposure. It’s called a “forever chemical” because it never fully degrades. Cox, Hawkins and Higgs were among a pack of guys who ran together in high school and stayed close after. What sort of positivity can come to that community? “I fed her at least a gallon of grain a day. © 2021 Minnesota Public Radio. The case centered around several communities in West Virginia and southern Ohio, where a toxic chemical once used to make Teflon had leached into the water supply. Danzey said her mom “mostly just feels pain for me,” worries about her stepson and is anxious about the future. This summer cars lined up in Vienna, a town of about 10,000 situated along the Ohio River. But Radmanesh said her mom is a proponent of bringing another controversial industry to the valley: fracking for natural gas. It was a matter of “not wanting to bite the hand that fed you.”. Fitzsimmons Law Firm recently filed four individual lawsuits against Dupont on behalf of the Firm’s clients who allegedly developed cancer as a result of consuming and drinking water that was contaminated with the chemical C-8 (also known as perfluorooctoanoic acid (PFOA) or ammonium perfluorooctanoate (APFO)), discharged from DuPont’s Washington Works Plant near Parkersburg, … Whose job is it to reduce toxic mercury in the Ohio River? He wasn’t an expert, but the disease seemed clear enough that he bagged the physical evidence and left it in his freezer for the day he could get someone with credentials interested enough to take a look. But there’s a film that opened Dec. 5 at the Regal Cinemas at Grand Central Mall that’s attracting a lot of attention in his community. A DuPont Teflon producing plant operated near Parkersburg, and that plant has been identified as the likely source. Her family has a “complicated” relationship with DuPont. DuPont’s own documentation specified that C8 was not to be flushed into surface waters, but the company did so for decades. The chemical company, DuPont, manufactures products in its Washington Works plant in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Their tap water had been deemed unsafe – laced with a chemical known as C8. “You grew up with the fear of DuPont leaving town,” said Ben Hawkins. He died Jan. 28, 2017, at the age of 41, a father of three. A lawyer’s efforts to reveal chemical contamination around DuPont’s facility in Parkersburg, West Virginia, will hit theaters later this month. Sometimes the cattle watered at a spring-fed bathtub trough at the farthest end of the field, but mostly they drank from Dry Run. “What would it look like if we packed up?”. He knows, of course, the distinction between correlation and causation. PFAS are […] Her brother has lupus and had colon cancer, and her sister-in-law has also been diagnosed with lupus. He’s seen both sides. Bilott won a $670 million settlement with Dupont over its undisclosed contamination of the drinking water of 70,000 residents in West Virginia and Ohio. That’s very unusual. People who didn’t know him very well called him Wilbur, but friends and family called him Earl. Even David-and-Goliath tales often have complicated backstories, and Joyce knows well that such is the case with Parkersburg and DuPont. Parkersburg, West Virginia Suspected source: Dupont’s Washington Works plant DuPont began using PFOA to manufacture Teflon at its Washington Works plant … Hard labor was his birthright. “I asked the prosecutor if he’d hire me as an assistant the next year, and he said, ‘Sure; you’ll get $6,000 a year.’ And I said, ‘That’ll be great.’”, “Most people thought I was a recovering alcoholic because I never drank a beer, because I couldn’t afford to buy one.” Three years later, at 27, he was appointed as prosecuting attorney. The plaintiff, John M. Wolf of Parkersburg, claims that PFOA in his drinking water caused him to develop ulcerative colitis. “But the point I want to make, and make it real clear,” he said, zooming in, “that’s the mouth of Dry Run.”. She now lives on the other side of the state, in West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle. Dry spells shrank it to a necklace of pools that winked with silver minnows. Earl pulled on white gloves and pried open the cow’s mouth, probing her gums and teeth. Black smoke curled into the daylight. Here’s what we learned. “There is about a teacup or so full of it — it’s a real dark yeller. His cattle were dying inexplicably, and in droves. Recently, the cows had started charging, trying to kick him and butt him with their heads, as this one had before she died. Her white hide was crusted with diarrhea, and her hip bones tented her hide. Because that’s what will happen.’” Her mom’s response was, “‘Oh, Beth.’ That’s it.

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