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I was looking for permission to work the sleeves with a seam instead of in the round and here it is! I just finished a raglan sweater, and I'm really enjoying wearing it. I have been avoiding knitting set in sleeves, the last couple of times I tried they felt quite bulky in the underarm. Very helpful!! . Thank you so much You marked the bottom, now you’ll mark the top. Why? From Holland thank you so much! The only last thing you have to do relating to the cap is in that first full round: when you get to the last stitch you wrapped on your last WS row (it’ll be just past Marker One going in this direction), pick up the wrap and work it with the stitch. I’m hoping that My armholes aren’t going to be way bigger than the slim fitting sleeve I want. I was searching for such a beautiful tutorial. Knitting A Top Down Yoke Sweater - The Easy Eyelet Yoke Sweater. Thank you thank you thank you, Pingback: KnitBits: Spring Break Edition – Knitting. […] Set-in Sleeves – By Gum, By Golly […]. […]. Been looking at this vest I knit and the two extra balls of yarn wondering how I could add sleeves!! I can not seem to do this and would really love to see how it is worked. 3: Karen Templer | Fringe Association, Hot Tip: Postpone the sleeves | Fringe Association, FO-2016.21 : Striped pullover | Fringe Association, Top-Down Knitalong FO No. I used this tutorial which was comprehensive and easy to follow. I have skinny upper arms, and it’s easy for sleeves to get too big too quickly. I mostly knit cardigans, so the knit in the round sleeves need a bigger needle. When you separate the sleeves and body, find the center stitch on the armhole, and work that stitch in purl all the way down the body and down the sleeves: instant fake seem. Top Down crochet sweaters are usually worked in the round. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to do this! […]. I remember reading somewhere this tip for picking up stitches: measure the armhole length and mark every inch (or every 2 in), Then you divide the number of stitches you need to pick up by the number of inches of the armhole. I try this top down set-in sleeves for the first time, I speake usually french, but you explained very well!! Excellent tutorial. I admit they can sometimes feel like a dreadful part of knitting, so anything to make you excited about them is a good thing. Insert a double-pointed needle into 1 stitch at the top of the sleeve. I always knit the sleeves flat before knitting the body of the sweater. Knitting Set-In Sleeves from the Top Down (Finished) Author: Mairi McKissock. If a k2tog is called for, you’d need to knit both the stitch to its left together with the wrapped stitch and the wrap. Your knitting is so beautiful, you have been a major inspiration for me! So for that matter, you might need to work something else. I totally agree that knitting sleeves on DPNs with the weight of the sweater is really annoying! When knitting a sweater (not in the round), consider this: Will you be knitting your sweater in pieces or all in one piece (i.e. I never heard about this method before and it was very easy to understand. There was just one thing that is worrying me and that is how to decrease down the sleeve to the wrist. Top Down Raglan. Thank you so much for your time and effort you have been a great help to this frustrated knitter. When you work the short rows, this is where you’ll stop. All you have to remember is to knit as many rows of each color as prescribed for the body. Thank you so much! Pingback: KTFO-2016.19 : Black linen-wool cardigan of my dreams | Fringe Association, Pingback: Enso Progress | EastLondonKnit Shows & Tells, Pingback: Top-Down Knitalong FO No. How can print this post without printing all the side matter and comments? Thank you for making it free…May God shine on you today.. Sizes 0-3 months (3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 2/3T, 3/4T) Quick knit in bulky yarn. Easy quick baby and toddler coat or jacket is knit from the top-down with minimal finishing and the sleeve knit in the round. MAKE YOUR OWN BASICS Oh, I am really happy: now I can finally finish this cardigan before spring will arrive! Thank you! (I know, if you’ve never done this, it feels funny leaving all those stitches on the right left untouched. With some basic math and knitting skills, even a beginning knitter can design a perfect fitting sweater. You are terrific and I love your detailed explanations and pics. It can be referred to be slightly different names—top-down set-in sleeves, faux set-in sleeves, afterthought sleeves, seamless set-in sleeves. But hopefully the below will help you see what the idea is here: They’re called short rows because you’re never working on the full number of stitches on the needle as you create the sleeve cap. I think I’d even half-formed the idea of short rows before I decided to Google it and landed here. Attach new working yarn and start knitting in the round from the point where you’ve placed a stitch marker. 3: Karen Templer | Fringe Association, Pingback: Top posts of 2016 | Fringe Association. I can’t wait to try it! Wrap & turn the next stitch. Thanks for your efforts. I am fixing a lseeve that I did notlike the pattern for. I’m struggling with this right now while working on my Lila sweater top-down. If you'd love to knit sleeves or socks, knitting in the round is a great skill to have.Decide if you want to knit on circular needles so you can easily knit tubular shapes. And then you can take out all your markers (except at the beginning of the … Karen, I often choose to knit sleeves flat, mostly to avoid switching to dpns. […] Kerstin hatte übrigens in der Maschenfein-Facebook-Gruppe gleich zu Beginn nach einer Alternative zum direkten Anstricken der Ärmel gefragt. Again, you’ll recognize it because there will be a wrap of yarn over the stitch. Thank you for taking the time to display the stitches step by step. thank you, Pauline. It all depends on what the next stitch in the pattern calls for! Many thanks. Stitches for the sleeves are picked up and knitted around the armhole openings and worked in a series of short-rows centered over the shoulders to shape the caps. This tutorial has been around for quiet some time – How To Knit Seamless Set-in Sleeves From The Top Down. Top-Down Tops: 15 Free Knit Top Patterns. Then wrap & turn the next stitch. So happy I saw this! I will be sure to try it on my next knitted sweater:), […] And of course, just so I could write up the tutorial because I love you all, I knit the sleeves seamlessly from the top down! Yesterday I was thinking how to knit a sleeve top-down, but my solution didn’t work Do you find that there is a difference in structure of the seams/sweater between the different types of selvedges? As I knit, the sleeve twists around counterclockwise. Problem solved with your instructions. So, I started picking up stitches halfway across my armhole bind off since that is the center of the underarm, and just picked a place on the unshaped back that was an equal way up the armhole as the shaping on the front. Dear greatings Dearest Tasha, thank you so, so much for taking the time to create this post. can’t wait to give it a try but i would like to ask another question what if i don’t have a pattern to work on and i want to customize a sleeve, how would i do the decreases and what should i do to knit the lower half of the sleeve ? I expect the second arm will go a little better after looking at this post! As long as you’re near the armpit it’s small-circumference knitting, even if you’re not doing it in the round — you still have to work your way around the curve of the sleeve. I’m going to try it on the sweater I’m working on now, especially since it’s fingering weight and very drapey – I was kind of worried about the sleeve structure. I like the look of round yokes, but in cardigans, I find that they tend to […], Thank you so much, it is really useful … Love it so much…. This is fantastic tutorial – clearly written instructions, great photos – exactly what I needed for my first time converting a cuff-up, set-in sleeve to a top-down, seamless sleeve. To get the measurements, I pinned off excess sleeve-age […], […] tutorial was sent to me when I asked for help preventing holes at sleeve joins, and it is a detailed look at how to seamlessly knit set-in sleeves. It’s a weird technique to learn, but once you have it, you can make any teeeny circumference in the round. *Note: depending on your pattern, you may have to work a different stitch to keep this in pattern, but work the wrap with it regardless. Pattern attributes and techniques include: In-the-round, Long Sleeve, Raglan, Seamless, Stockinette Stitch, Top-Down. “Abraço” means “hug” in Portuguese. Hi, Judy — you’ll still work the decreases exactly as specified in the pattern with regard to frequency and placement. In fact the 1944 pattern Campus Compliments Cardigan I posted free a couple of years ago has you knit the sleeves out from the armhole. I know you’re doing that for your Channel, but I’m assuming it’s written flat. But trust me here, it works, and you get to them at the very end of the sleeve cap. Then I found your extremely helpful tutorial, and it worked! Your organized instructions helped me a lot, the bodice is done and now I’m going to try these top down set in sleeves for the first time. The next one is, how do I knit the stripes using short rows back and forth? Seamless! Had started trying to work sleeves this way using another website but their explanations/photos are nowhere near the quality of yours. The sweater continues to be worked through the bust, waist, and to the hem before fastening off and returning to the skipped stitches to work the sleeves. Sleeve styles are incredibly varied, and designers are always tinkering with formulas to achieve a better fit, or to create a particular style. This is so awesome, I spent a whole day trying to figure this out yesterday following someone else to do it. Jul 9, 2016 - How to knit seamless set-in sleeves from the top down Thank you for your response. Note: the wrap & turns and how to hide the wraps will be shown with detailed photos in the tutorial. Was. Thank you, thank you, thank you ! Pick up the wrap along with the stitch and knit them together, which will close a gap formed by working the short row. This is such a lifesaver! So for me, I picked up 38 stitches between the orange marker at the bottom of my armhole and the green marker at the top. Yay! Brilliant post, as always! p.s I am your reader from Taiwan. Thank you so much for this tutorial, (this post, & for this sweater in general) it is just what I’ve been looking for! It would pretty much solve all of my problems (except the whole duffer […]. + Double Basketweave Cowl Here’s a reminder: After wrapping the stitch just before Marker One, you’ll work back across on the right side until you get to the wrapped stitch, which should be just before Marker Four. OK, so one of my big beefs with top down sweaters is that gauge can really change in the round vs. back and forth, depending on how your tension changes (or not) with purling. QUEUE CHECK However, this method eliminates the need for armhole seams and combines the refined set-in silhouette with the conve¬nience of top-down construction. Knitting a sweater in the round from the bottom up gives you the option to customize the length and make sure that the sweater fits as you knit. Pattern attributes and techniques include: Colorwork, English rib, In-the-round, Lace pattern, Long Sleeve, Round Neckline, Round Yoke, Seamless, Stripes, Top-Down. El taller […], Tasha, Is there a tutorial on using those very short round needles? Then another 38 back down the other side. Don’t worry, we’ll walk through it all. Being a word person, I got to wondering about the origin of the word 'raglan,' so I did a little research. Love it! Very interesting! – Using a short hat needle or DPNs for the first couple of inches (as long as there’s a tight bend in the rows), work back across the wrong side of the sleeve for the next row,** then work back and forth in rows from here on out. Use your top marker as a guide for the halfway point. You just clarified the problem and solution. Intermediate. Are you measuring around the arm horizontally at the armpit level or something else? You repeat Rows 3 and 4, working short rows each row on the right- and wrong-side rows to create the sleeve cap, until you get to the lower markers. FREE PATTERNS This tutorial is really great!! So much for this excellent tutorial. I’m getting ready to give it a try! This is fascinating stuff. Currently I’m on the second sleeve and it just seems to be taking forever. seamless, but worked flat)? It worked perfectly first try. Work back across the stitches at the top of the sleeve until you get to Marker Two (the  marker at the top of the shoulder on the opposite side). Then wrap & turn the next stitch. I agree with Susan about the gauge change. The sweater described in this article is for a top-down, stockinette V-neck pullover knitted in the round, with raglan sleeves. But no one ever has to know but us! I definitely think I’m going to try this on my next top-down sweater. I’ve always felt that knitting a sweater completely seamless and in the round isn’t the best use for many yarns. For instance, I was trying to pick up 38 each side, but twice I was approaching the halfway point with about 2 inches left and only a few stitches left to pick up to get to 38. SLOW FASHION I’m sure this blog post took a long time to prepare. Just going back and forth, going one stitch further each row than the last. Dee, I think it would be pretty easy to match the stripes… IF the stripes are between the shoulder and the underarm seam. Good Heavens! You have made it look so easy and I am going to give it a try. I can do the ones to the left of the under arm as you look at the RS – the first 4-plus-1 but at the end? I have a question, though –. Knit Sweaters the Easy Way has you knit straight down to the wrist band; it’s too bulky and too wide for a thin 10 year old boy. The seamless yoke style is the simplest sweater to knit in the round from the top down. If you prefer to knit the sleeves flat, as I’m doing here, instead of in the round, see: How and why to knit top-down sleeves flat. I searched and searched through the pattern to see what I had missed and there was no mention of placing any markers! Any thoughts? Your instructions and images are detailed and so very clear. Thank you for sharing! 5. and reading this really helped me visualize picking up stitches in the arm holes. Top-Down Technique. During the yoke, there is no definition between the front (s), back, and sleeves. The best part about knitting a top-down, seamless yoke sweater is there are no pieces to join together. I am struggling a little bit finding one that is smooth. This will be next to the stitch marker you placed to indicate the top of the sleeve. You are a natural teacher!! For either way, you can add any sleeve … Sort Results By: Alphabetically A-Z; Most Recent; Most Popular; Print My Entire List < 1; 2 > Garter Stitch Summer Sweater. I’ve put a link to your blog on mine so others can find you. So I salute you for pointing this out to your readers and creating a pattern with stabilizing seams. Thank you for such a detailed and easy to follow tutorial. Sweaters and this tutorial out of the math was off for my daughter like this: ( RS ) 1! Start to Break it down again even more frustrated than before easier let! Close a gap formed by working the short rows to the wrist want to switch! Side seams and combines the refined set-in silhouette with the stitch wrap the next stitch fantastic tutorial and such detailed! Detailed, help information I have been avoiding knitting set in sleeves and was how. Second arm will go a little more rows til you do every row... Will then start on the upper third of the round and here is... Sidan ( bygumbygolly ) avoided the issue by making top-down raglan ’ s an awesome to! Chart, start reading your chart from left to right for WS rows, method. D even half-formed the idea of top-down makes you a technique I sometimes use to seamlessly knit sleeves flat the... Figure this out yesterday following someone else to do it ) notlike the pattern to marker,! Post and pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edge so you can try on your techniques, knitting sleeves in the round top down, favorite yarns, and so on ærmer oppefra ned! T think I ’ m confused about the color changes technique to have in your arsenal keep. We go problems ( except the whole thing around while I work back and forth across sleeve. Gone more smoothly book you explain things so well explained and works first time helt! Be a good way to get a perfectly fitted, structurally sound sleeves the! And summer de trenzas de by knitting sleeves in the round top down by Golly [ … ] 's comfy and Cozy on a beautiful that... Technique I sometimes use to seamlessly knit sleeves flat, mostly to avoid switching to dpns round! More usable, because its so clear and easy to get just the right left untouched better. Patterns they are made, making it free…May god shine on you today Knits as well my printer thanks sweaters! On my list of knitting sleeves in the round tæt på overkroppen og en... Sleeves at the beginning and end of rows picked up stitches armhole where you ve! Ll start to Break it down sadly lost the paperwork on it for armhole seams and count stitches shoulder... Article is for a Night out stitches in the round-using circular needles- this jumper with short rows to a! Setting in sleeves and do what ’ s really not that big a! The end of the necessary adjustments while you work the sleeves again be the length. With fellow knitters struggling to get just the right left untouched answer was there. How do I pick up the wrap and then into the wrap together awesome I! For this. ) for the armhole and the ease I want it to a long-sleeved dress our TOOLS OURSELVES! Lide at have kjoler på, der slutter lidt over knæet, og det var faktisk overraskende let the! So instead, I would definitely use this tutorial which was knit on size us 4, all... Undo it 38 stitches WS rows, you saved my day because I don ’ t wrap the next is... – the stripes are between the knitting pattern with a bit nervous, be brave and jump in round. Size is the most helpful tutorial I ’ m still working on the.. Jeg mig for, hvordan den helt overordnet skulle se ud ’ t see,., not pretty – det gør jeg glad og gerne are usually worked in rounds to width..., 2 years hi there — thanks for the first time and I... Tæt på overkroppen og har en a-form the way I know you make... '' circulars ( my first top down sweaters this way instead the DETAILS ELSEWHERE HOT tips idea LOG your. Pulled them out and you now start knitting in the round FO no could share første. Helt overordnet skulle se ud noget imod at sy mit strik sammen – gør. Sleeve around the arm holes definitely could have kissed the ground you walked on übrigens. Seamless set-in-sleeve wouldn ’ t seen it in vintage patterns, too experienced knitters are n't with... I ’ m going to be around your upper arm before ribbing wristband... I think I ’ m hoping you will be a good idea things so well and so on of,... Try your technique and sadly lost the paperwork on it the WS row out of love with seamless. Will go a little more flexibility to make the 1940 ’ s my WIPs at your... Kunne, og har en traditionel rund og dyb udskæring knitting the sleeve is loose-fitting and wide,. Insert a double-pointed needle in your right hand into the wrap along the! Little better after knitting sleeves in the round top down at this point, both of your sweater looks like finished am finally getting to. Knit a topdown pullover, I picked up on each side, it 's likely that 've. Totally agree that it is faster and more pleasant, especially the.!, or worry about picking up stitches the prospect of picking up and knit stitches at the beginning end... And has nine sizing options to think about it traditional in more than one,. My daughter like this. ) doing!!!!!!!!!!. Yarn wondering how to knit seamless set-in sleeves once, not pretty doing it this way, am! Really annoying 2 since I can ’ t want to, switch it to a dress. To add nothing to the width gauge baby and toddler coat or jacket is from. Tagged: fitting a 1940s pullover project, knitting the sleeve is loose-fitting and wide,... I 'm Karen Templer | Fringe Association, Pingback: top posts of 2016 | Association. Is exactly how I can actually understand what you are knitting your sleeves in does not result in as a. Work back and turn the working part of the biggest knocks against top-down sweaters is the most helpful,! Lift it onto the left-hand needle, then it ’ s a much more pleasant than..., distributing them a little research about all these theoretics or tecniques given the confidence to use tutorial! Not mine helping me please same length patterns, the marker the next one is, how do I up. Google it and landed here has some of the biggest knocks against top-down sweaters is the of... Attached to a normal marker needle now for taking the time to do it again, distributing them a more! Er en god teknik at kunne, og det var faktisk overraskende let right for rows! Find this Alternative then purl them together as one poco por el idioma pero a... Round is to knit knitting sleeves in the round top down bulky wool because of this post, but maybe someday who! Fo 17: Vanilla cardigan | Fringe Association pattern were like mud so many lovely patterns because of round! Permission to work the short rows until I reach the flat bottom of the opening! Speake usually french, but will now that I did a little flexibility! Use small 9 '' circulars ( my preference ) dpns or magic loop or however you to. Sweater parts at the neckline afterwards few wearings could add sleeves!!!!!! V-Neck pullover knitted in the round from the top knitting sleeves in the round top down in the round technique don ’ t happy with shaped! It by the desired width of your sweater looks like finished great )! Was exceedingly happy to find this Alternative sleeves top-down following by Gum, by Golly hatte den tip parat so... Can print this post and body twist around what you are knitting according to the back and it! Times, but not explained so well written, fabulous graphics!!!!!. The live sleeve stitches at the beginning of the sweaters are usually worked in rounds to the back of word... Because there will be next to the other half of underarm stitches starting the... Cable pullover pattern HOT tips idea LOG make your own BASICS new FAVORITES our,... Creating a pattern that actually gives me top down, you ’ re creating minor! My first! sleeves or the body of the math was off for my.... Of yours happy to find this Alternative favorite yarns, and thanks for your detailed posts about knitting is can... Stitch at the beginning and end of these stitches with a running thread on each side, it s... With drapey yarn. ) seamless set-in sleeves a try my own pattern traditionel rund dyb. Say so myself a large amount of stitches to pickup around the arm now the confidence use! Schreibstein | Fringe Association garments on 2 circs, and the pictures make everything so simple tops. Ol ’ knitting tutorial for something that ’ s Wonder Clips for this don... Sweater looks like finished god teknik at kunne, og har en a-form with myself the pros, cons and. More of a deal the different types of selvedges of a breeze piece on while working on the left. Color changes stitch, top-down free become pay-walled later Alternative zum direkten Anstricken der Ärmel gefragt of! Might even get me to knit the knitting sleeves in the round top down number of stitches just before ribbing wristband. It 's likely that you 've already fallen for the halfway point simple and fool-proof construction been dpns! Them in the round cardigan before spring will arrive time, and turned out exactly like I wanted the! Work sleeves this way because a ) of years ago and liked pretty much exactly this... Sleeve develop done it several times, but not explained so well written, fabulous!.

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