how to unlock wild rose tall tale

Walk down the hill, past the wooden barricade and across the open battlefield. Behind the door is a mural showing which of the pillars around the outside has the correct symbol. ... You have to get all the commendations for that tale which includes the one for beating it 5 times unfortunately. She speaks of Sudds, Wild Rose, Salty, and Tasha from a tavern – Tasha the tavernkeeper is from Ancient Spire Outpost. If you need help with a guide, or notice something not quite right, you can Tweet him: @SamuelChandler, Sam Chandler posted a new article, Shores of Gold Tall Tales Sea of Thieves campaign walkthrough, Ghost Recon Breakpoint guide and weapon blueprint locations, Xur's location and wares for January 15, 2021 - Destiny 2, How to get Spoils of Conquest - Destiny 2, Shores of Gold Tall Tales Sea of Thieves campaign walkthrough, Learn the fate of the Magpie’s Wing and track it down, Collect the ship’s log from the captain’s room, Read the route the Magpie’s Wing took and where they dropped the ancient chest, Go to the island and retrieve the ancient chest, Take the totem and the map from the chest, Look at the map and figure out which island is shown, Light the four braziers and press the button, Use the journal to input the correct symbols using the spinning blocks, Figure out where the image shown on the table is located on the island, Go to the spot and dig up or pick up the medallion, Insert the medallion into the table, repeat this two more times, Return to any Outpost and deliver the Shroudbreaker to the Mysterious Stranger, Read the journal and discover the islands depicted, Travel to the islands and track the path of the skeletons, Defeat the skeletons and take or dig up the chest or key, Take the contents of the chest back to Madame Olivia at Plunder Outpost, Use the enchanted compass to track down Briggsy, Take her skull back to Madame Olivia at Plunder Outpost, Go to the tavern at Ancient Spire Outpost, Vote on the Legendary Storyteller journal, Listen to Tasha and then look over the journal, Figure out the three islands mentioned in the book, Travel to each island to collect the two keys and the chest, Work out what island to go to next based on the wooden board, Use the wooden board to find the place to dig, Return to the Ancient Spire Outpost and give Tasha the Ancient Crown, Go to Sudds and vote on the Stars of a Thief journal, Find the North Star and find the island you must go to, Use the Spyglass to navigate to the islands mentioned in the journal, Find the treasure on the island and dig it up or pick it up, Take the two Star Jewels to the final island, Swim into the cavern below and place the jewels in the eyes of the statue, Take the totem and the unsolved star charts, Place the totem in the door behind you (if it’s the crab totem), Use the unsolved story to solve the symbol sequence, Take the Shroudbreaker Stone back to Sudds, Go to the island where they buried their chest of memories, Dig up the chest and retrieve the new journal pages, Visit the islands mentioned and dig up the mementos, Give the mementos to Madame Olive at Sanctuary Outpost, Use the enchanted compass to track down Rose and George, Take the two heart halves back to Madame Olive to finish the Wild Rose voyage, Read the journal and follow the clues to find the large bird statue, Enter the cave system and look for the skeletons in the cavern, Position the skeletons according to the clues in the journal, Use the journal to find the places to stand on the island, Look through the spyglass at the correct symbols to find the right place to dig, Dig up the extra notes and repeat the process. The journal is resting right beside the cannon. Once you play through the entire Tall Tale, you can launch any voyage at any time. This article contains information that may ruin your enjoyment of discovering the game's secrets for yourself. Take the Trapmaker’s Gunpowder Keg to Sailor’s Bounty, Place the Gunpowder Keg on the stand deep below the island, Fight off the waves of skeletons and defeat the boss, Set sail to the last island and find where to use the totem, Fight off the waves of skeletons, putting the medallions into the plinth, Take the Shroudbreaker Stone back to Salty on Plunder Valley, Travel to the Ferryman’s resting place and dig up the sarcophagus, Use the lantern to track down the fates of the three pirates, Follow the footsteps to find the buried chests and the keys, Unlock the three chests to free the souls, Return to the Ferryman to finish the voyage, On the western shore, near the cliff’s edge, North of the isle, along the edge of the cliff overlooking the shoreline, On the north side of the island, just past the wooden barricade. The island should be rather close to Sudds’ seapost. Lone Cove: Go to the center of the island to the graveyard, the journal is beside the large bolder. As Madame Olivia mentions at the end of the previous quest, Tasha the Tavernkeeper at Ancient Spire Outpost might know something about Briggsy. Devil’s Ridge: This journal is found on the north-east side of the island, up on the raised cliff near the cannon. ... You have to get all the commendations for that tale which includes the one for beating it 5 times unfortunately. Work through each of the circles until the puzzle is solved. At this point, an image will appear on the plinth in the center of the room. You will come across a skeleton bound with rope beside a campfire, the final Bounty Hunter's Journal is beside the bones. Once all skeletons are in the correct position, a cage will lower. Search the sky for the fish constellation and travel that direction. Find the wooden plank in your voyage radial menu and hold it. Close. 2. This is a unique spyglass that has a skull image on its lens with an X in its mouth. You will now have two islands to visit. Those that want to partake in these campaigns will likely want to know the Tall Tales play order. Learn the order in which you should play the Tall Tales, Sea of Thieves’ brilliant campaign voyages. Question. Western side of the island, in a hanging cage with a skeleton. Sailor’s Bounty: Go to the northeast side of the main island and cross the shallow water onto the islets. Set sail to Discovery Ridge where you must use the maps in the journal to find the correct Trapmaker’s marking. The statue is the second one from the south, on the inner line. For us, he said “Sinking Cove” which was actually Sunken Grove. 4. share. The Legendary Storyteller begins in the tavern at Ancient Spire Outpost. Tall Tales: Fate of the Morningstar issue. An old stargazer’s notes point to the heavens and a way to reach a piece of the Shroudbreaker…. Dig up the uniforms and put them on using your ship’s clothing chest. Chapter 1: … With the Trapmaker’s Gunpowder Keg safely on your ship, set sail to Sailor’s Bounty to hunt down the Trapmaker’s workshop. I hate waiting for it. Look for the pile of bones resting against the fence, the journal is tucked behind them. The Art of the Trickster Tall Tale: Step by Step Step 1: Art of the Trickster Tall Tale Book. Flip it over (using left trigger or right mouse click) to find a coordinate carved into its back. Sea of Thieves launched there big anniversay update! Look in the crate to the left to find the journal. With all three medallions in place, the door will open and you are free to leave. The Tall Tales bible will be located on her left, and you will need a crew before you can start it. Go to where you turn it in (Sanctuary Outpost\Order of Souls) and have the checkpoint holder quit out. XShadovvHunterX. The Wild Rose Wheel is a Wheel variant in Sea of Thieves.The Wild Rose Wheel functions identically to other Wheel versions, providing only a unique appearance. Each journal will tell you where the next one is located. One particularly tricky puzzle relates to the first time Rose and George danced. The Stars of a Thief voyage contains a few challenging tasks. The chest must be dug up and the key retrieved. You will be looking for an uncharted island with a tunnel beneath the ocean. The Wild Rose Tall Tale Head to the Order of Souls tent at Sanctuary Outpost to kick off the Sea of Thieves Wild Rose quest about love on the high seas. One is between the two work benches, another is under the bed, and the last is beside the anvil. Use the map on your ship to figure out what island lies at the center and head there. Search what would be the stern of the ship in the captain’s quarters, it’s on the ground in the corner. Most importantly, it will tell you where the Ferryman died. This task will take you all over the island. Signup for a Free Account. A majority vote is needed to begin the quest, so have your crew members cast their vote as well. Find the brightest star in the north and then look for the island the journal mentions. The isle of the singer refers to the snake constellation, which means Snake Island. The Shores of Gold is the first of the Tall Tales coming to Sea of Thieves. Equip the compass and look where the needle points. The Wild Rose voyage is reasonably short in duration, but its puzzles can be a bit tricky to solve. Keep in mind your journal may be different. You get it by doing the associated Tall Tale. This is your clue on where to go next. Turn in the tall tale. Set sail and follow the needle to an island to discover Briggsy’s location. Find the entrance to the underwater tunnel and then take the two Star Jewels into the cavern. Discovery Ridge: Go to the north east side of the island, pass the waterfall and look in the wrecked rowboat to find this journal. Plunder Valley: The first Trapmaker’s journal is found in the room with all the skeletons you need to position. Once taking a closer look at the Tale Book, it's pages can be turned with the Q and E keys on a Keyboard and the Left and Rightbuttons on a Controller. Use the key to unlock the chest to free the soul of one of the pirates. Once the Crew has voted on the Tall Tale and listened to the Madame Olive, they are given the Tale Book, which they can find and take out in the Map Radial menu. Sunken Grove: The last of Eli Slate’s Journals is on the northeast island of Sunken Grove. From this point onward, you will be completing the Shores of Gold Tall Tale! There are five journals belonging to Mercia that can be found as part of the Shroudbreaker story. (Ps - If we have redirected you here, please don't be offended but we are trying to gather all the hints/clues and tips into one easy to read post) Reply Quote. These stories are may be random and can have different puzzles. At this point a different direction will be shown on the enchanted compass, head this way and George wont’ be here but you’ll encounter Rooke who is a skeleton Captain that you’ll need to turn to a pile of bones. You will discover a vision of the skeletons with a chest. After picking up the ship’s log, the journal will have additional pages. If you’re looking for more helpful walkthroughs and tips, check out the Shacknews Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough. This enchanted spyglass can be found in your map wheel. Once you reach an outpost, head into the … To begin the adventure, you will need to find the North Star. As soon as you dig up the final item (the Trapmaker’s Gunpowder Key), a series of explosions will erupt over the island, blasting down to toward you. The journal you receive from Salty will direct you to a little cave on Plunder Valley. To do this, you will need to cross-reference the rest of the pages for the information given. In order to begin the Wild Rose voyage you’ll need to make your way to the Sanctuary Outpost and have an encounter with Madame Olive in the Order of Souls tent on the island. Look for the journal beside Tasha the Tavernkeeper and have your crew vote on it. When you come across the death scene of a pirate, continue to follow the skeletons’ footsteps. Wild Rose Wheel? Ensure all the symbols match what’s in the journal and press the button. One way to decipher this would be to travel to Golden Sands Outpost, look for any large rocks that look similar to the drawing and sail to them. The tricky part will be working out what islands are depicted in the journal. Briggsy’s Journal 8: Another journal is found right after crossing the ship mast jumping puzzle. Look for a little button, this is where you’ll place the totem, causing a cave to reveal itself. Is the fate of Rose caught up in the destruction that Briggsy … He’s not too good at remembering details, so you might need to decipher what he’s talking about. Insider . Take the Gold Hoarder’s Coin into the statue and place it in the lock to open the door to the left. Posted by 1 year ago. Defeat the waves of skeletons, being sure to place the medallions in the plinth. Watch out for Briggsy’s slam attack, as it can easily deal half of your health in damage. Our Wild rose Tall Tales guide is here to help you if you hit a wall (or an island). Deep underwater on the north, located by using a cannon at the top of the island. Look for the page that mentions where they buried their chest of mementos and set sail to that island. The journal is found on the helm, beside the Ferryman. To the north is the kraken vault, to the east the hunter, to the south the shark, and to the west the boat. In this next example, the journal shows a couple of constellations, a few islands, and a starting point. Ahoy Maties! Completing every commendation will unlock a super rare cursed cosmetic for you to wear! This topic has been deleted. Search the journal for where they shared their first kiss and head to the island. The Wild Rose Wheel can be equipped from the Ship Customization Chest, but requires: The Always Yours commendation. Regardless, you will need to use this kind of problem-solving to work out the other two islands. Wild Rose achievement in Sea of Thieves: Completed the 'Wild Rose' Tall Tale - worth 10 Gamerscore. This image will show a location on or around the island you’re currently on. Go past the flag on the wooden platform to find the journal on a rock beside a candle. The second mission in the Shores of Gold Tall Tale is The Cursed Rogue. 4. share. Take the Shroudbreaker Stone back to Sudds at the North Star Seapost to complete the Stars of a Thief voyage in the Shores of Gold Tall Tale. Repeat this process until you have entered all the codes. If you can’t remember them, have someone reading the constellations as another reads the story. @tedakin. @tedakin. Briggsy’s Journal 4: A journal is found just northwest of statue alley, at the place on the map marked with a question mark. Starting a Tall Tale from a Checkpoint must be voted upon at the Voyage Table. Dig up the treasure chest and claim the spyglass. Now open up your Tall Tales quest book, flick through the pages to discover a rough drawing of the chest along with a script stating where the chest location is. Read through the journal to learn where the Morningstar was abandoned, Sail to the island and search the Morningstar for the ship’s logs, Figure out where the crew buried their uniforms, dig them up, and put them on, Speak with Tracy the Tavernkeeper to learn of an island to visit, Talk to Tyler to learn of another island to visit, Sail to the two islands, kill the group of skeletons and recover Graymarrow’s orders, Use the cipher to decode the message and learn where to dig, Go to the coordinates that Graymarrow mentions, Place the skull and chalice on the shrine to summon Graymarrow, Defeat Graymarrow and take the Shroudbreaker Stone back to Sandra the Shipwright at Dagger Tooth Outpost, Read the journal to learn about the four vaults, the center chamber, and the entrance to the heart of the island, Go to where there are question marks on the map and make note of the symbols you discover there, Find each of the four vaults and solve them to receive a medallion to the center chamber, Take all four medallions to the center chamber and retrieve the key, Use a cannon from your ship to reach the top of one of the statues, Open up the door in the statue’s feet and take the key down, Fight your way through the gauntlet and into the heart of the island, Sell the Gold Hoarder skull to the Order of Souls.

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